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Funding Opportunities: Where is the Money?

We’ve all been there: you find a product, try it in class, fall in love with it, only to find out that there’s no funding for it. How can we solve this seemingly constant problem? 

We’ve brought in funding expert Jenny House, who specializes in school funding opportunities. Her webinar will provide professional advice and answer questions including:

  • How can I fund resources if I keep hearing that my school/district doesn’t have money?
  • What legislation dictates my schools’ funding and purchasing ability, and how does that impact their purchasing priorities? 
  • How can I access discretionary funds to acquire digital materials and hardware?

This webinar will provide helpful information for both teachers and administrators. For more information on Jenny’s work and offerings, please go to the RedRock website, or see the description included at the bottom of this email. 

October 16, 3:30 PT/6:30 ET