Mosa Mack Science: Vice President Sales and Business Development


Job description

Mosa Mack Science is looking for a passionate and driven Vice President of Sales to accelerate growth. After proving our direct sales model and exceeding our revenue goals, we are looking for a sales leader to take our traction to the next level. The vice president will be responsible for building relationships, driving revenue and closing business deals. Our team is small, specialized, and dedicated to improving science education for all students. This is a full time position with salary and benefits package.



  • Strategic Planning:  Develop and execute the sales strategy aligned with the overall business goals. Set and meet sales targets and objectives. Identify market trends, competitive forces, and opportunities for growth. Collaborate with on marketing campaigns.
  • Leadership and Team Management:  Provide leadership and direction to the sales team. Recruit, train, and mentor sales professionals. Foster a high-performance culture and motivate the sales team to achieve targets.
  • Revenue Generation:  Drive revenue growth by expanding the customer base and increasing sales with existing clients. Oversee pricing strategies, discounts, and negotiations to maximize profitability.
  • Customer Relationship Management:  Build and maintain strong relationships with key clients and partners. Conduct virtual and in-person product demonstrations to educators and administrators
  • Sales Operations:  Optimize existing sales processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Utilize CRM systems and other tools to track and analyze sales performance. Collaboration with Other Departments:  Work closely with marketing to align sales and marketing strategies. Collaborate with product development to ensure a deep understanding of the product or service and its value proposition.
  • Budgeting and Resource Allocation:  Develop and manage the sales budget. Allocate resources effectively to support sales initiatives.
  • Reporting and Analysis:  Conduct thorough analysis of sales data to identify trends and areas for improvement.
  • Contract Negotiation:  Lead or oversee major contract negotiations.
  • Risk Management:  Identify and mitigate risks related to sales activities. Stay informed about changes in the market and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Representation and Networking:  Represent the company at industry events, conferences, and networking functions. Build and maintain a positive company image within the industry. Communicate Mosa Mack’s value proposition clearly and with passion.



  • Proven 7+ year track record in outside sales, experience in K12 education is a plus
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in the sales cycle and customer needs identification
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze, and refine sales processes, procedures and policies
  • Performance-driven and goal-oriented around metrics, reporting, and planning
  • Strong leadership and presentation skills
  • Ability to lead, collaborate & work autonomously in a fast-paced start-up environment
  • Excellent organizational, analytical, interpersonal, & communication skills
  • Passionate about building something meaningful from the ground up.


About Mosa Mack Science

Mosa Mack Science is changing the way that science is taught in middle school and elementary school. Our award-wining interactive science curriculum combines online video and comic mysteries, with offline collaborative labs and engineering challenges. With a focus on student engagement, Mosa Mack challenges students to use their knowledge to solve real-world problems. Built for the Next Generation Science Standards, Mosa Mack is growing rapidly, was rated Top Science Resource and Best New Educational Product.


To Apply: Email [email protected] with a cover letter and resume.

Location: Remote