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To provide users with the most comprehensive science resource, Mosa Mack is teaming up with Birdbrain Education this spring to try out an experiment. For eight of Mosa Mack units, you’ll find a bank of leveled articles from Birdbrain Education. These articles come at 7 different reading levels and allow you to select which level you’d like each student to read. You can incorporate this article into your unit at a place that makes most sense for you: at the beginning as a pre-reading, after Lesson 1 to support comprehension, or as a homework assignment to prepare students for the classroom activities. 

We're starting out with 8 units where you can see Birdbrain articles at the bottom of the Unit Overview



Check out these leveled readings in the following units:

Plate Tectonics

Water Cycle



Potential & Kinetic Energy

States of Matter

Atoms & Molecules

Chemical & Physical Changes


Mosa Mack and Birdbrain are two separate products but to help you get what you need in the classroom while we test this out, you’ll receive a 20% off your Birdbrain subscription if you are a Mosa Mack Pro user.


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