Mosa Mack Science is devoted to helping you move towards NGSS inquiry-based instruction with reliable, entertaining, and rigorous resources.

What is Mosa Mack Science?

Mosa Mack Science is a library of NGSS-aligned, inquiry units containing three lessons:

The Solve: An animated science mystery and vocabulary manipulative

The Lab: A hands-on lab

The Engineer: An engineering challenge that allows students to apply what they’ve learned to solve real world scenarios.

The lessons focus on teacher support and include assessment rubrics, graphic organizers for students and prepared PowerPoint presentations.

Where did Mosa Mack Science come from?

Mosa Mack Science was born out of one teacher’s frustration with the existing resources for middle school science educators. While teaching science in New York City, founder Lissa Johnson realized that the online resources were ineffective: they lectured her students and failed to make science relevant.

Johnson wanted to fix this problem and created Mosa Mack Science to inspire a new generation of scientists. The Mosa Mack team now includes writers from This American Life, artists from Nickelodeon and expert curriculum creators out of the Stanford Scale program. Through this team, Mosa Mack Science breathes life into inquiry science.

What grade levels is Mosa Mack for?

Mosa Mack is most commonly used in 4th through 8th grade classrooms. For differentiation within and beyond these grades, teachers are provided with an Inquiry Scale that allows the lessons to be leveled up or down depending on his or her unique classroom needs.

What are the technical requirements?

You’ll need an internet connection for Lesson 1.

How is Mosa Mack used?

Lesson 1, the video mystery and vocabulary manipulative is delivered to students in various ways, including:

  • as a class, using a projector
  • in small groups, using tablets or laptops
  • individually, using tablets or laptops
  • as a homework assignment for a flipped classroom.

Lessons 2 and 3 are done in the classroom in small groups.

Is this Standards-Aligned?

Yes! These lessons align with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

I’ve got a question that is not on this list.

No problem. Just shoot us an email at [email protected]and we’ll do our best to respond the same day!