What makes Mosa Mack materials so special?

By Science Teachers for Science Teachers

Award-winning and grounded in research

Aligned to standards with guidance for bringing them to life

Available in English and Spanish

Supporting and
Challenging all Students

Centered around student voice and active learning

Built around hands-on labs and engineering challenges

Designed to model critical thinking and support all learners

Ready for
Classroom Use

Flexible, allowing teachers to determine which topics to cover

Developed to make running labs easy and practical

Accessible through a user-friendly platform

Our Development Process

We start with one key question:

“How can we make this unit as engaging as possible?”

We intentionally select a real-world mystery or mind-boggling phenomenon that will pull teachers in and connect with students emotionally. Then we connect it back to the standards, vocabulary, and research-based pedagogy to start building a lesson.

Throughout the development process, we rely on our years of classroom experience to design the best lessons for both teachers and students:

  • We make sure the resources are clear, easy to implement, and engaging for new and experienced teachers.

  • We ensure students have a clear “why” that keeps them engaged, gets their mental wheels turning, and sparks inspiration. We also work to ensure an ideal balance between usability and open-ended inquiry.

Once the lesson structure is in place, we build the unit, test it in classrooms, and do the multiple revisions and retests until we reach the version that teachers love most.

Then we repeat the process for the next unit, while also creating subresources (like science literacy articles) that support the lesson.

Why Science Educators Choose Mosa Mack Materials

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Science Literacy

Learning to become scientifically literate is empowering for students; it’s a language kids use to become more aware, thoughtful, and critical about the world around them.

Mosa Mack strategically weaves scientific literacy into each unit to provide kids with a toolkit that empowers their scientific journey.

Students experience, react to, and question phenomena in the world around them. They review claims, analyze information, and develop their own explanations while driving their own instruction. All Mosa Mack lessons highlight how science and scientific decision-making is relevant outside of the classroom and show students how they’re already using those innate skills every day

to You

Mosa Mack Science is built by and for science educators, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

What you can expect from the Mosa Mack Science team:

Checkmark A dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure you’re getting the most out of the program.

Checkmark Swift responses to your teachers’ curriculum and technical questions through live chat support.

Checkmark Advance knowledge of new content launches and updates.

Checkmark Fresh and new content designed to bring out each students’ inner scientist.

Checkmark Deep knowledge of teaching and learning best practices.