I first used Mosa Mack in the classroom in 2015 with a group of 7th graders who were studying Photosynthesis. I had seen the Photosynthesis Demo created by Mosa Mack and thought the song was catchy, and I decided to show my students and have a bit of fun. I have to be honest here. My students are a bit serious about their grades, and being that they attend a private Catholic school near the beach in Orange County, CA, I expected a bit of chuckling or a groan or two about “watching cartoons” in science. However, to my great surprise, the students LOVED the video, AND the photosynthesis song, and asked me to show the video for days afterwards. The boys especially were trying to learn the photosynthesis song and to sing along, eventually learning the entire segment and I would hear them singing it in the hallways. I was floored. Whatever happened in my science lab that day was truly astonishing. I have NEVER seen students get that excited about the chemical formula for photosynthesis. Whoever came up with this mystery video and created the song to go along with it hit a grand slam with our 7th grade students Thank you, Mosa Mack for providing an amazing example of how to reach my kids and to get them excited about learning science. Your expertly choreographed science-based lesson plans and creativity reached my students and is the reason I will continue to use your animated mysteries, hands-on labs and engineering design projects, to supplement our Earth and Life Science studies. .

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