Mosa Mack has done a lot for the students in 5th and 6th grade STREAM at Highland Falls Intermediate School. We have looked at a few lessons whole class and have started using the teacher link to help them become more independent at their computers. Creating Selft Directed Learners.Since using Newton's Laws I have heard, The students say they love the animation today, Three different kids said they thought it would be a boring lesson and it became amazing. Great job catching those three! When they see the Mosa image they all get so excited. She isn't that typical scientist we think of rather hip and eye-catching to the young audience. I have adapted some of the lessons to utilize the materials we have in our room and have created exit tickets in Google Forms to have the students submit via Google Classroom. The integration and ability to utilize the NGSS has been great. Thanks for developing such a wonderful product.

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