The Team

Lissa JohnsonFounder, CEO

Lissa started as a television producer but found her passion in the science classroom. She was taken aback by the lack of high quality media-based resources and started Mosa Mack Science to fix that. Lissa loves pop music and guarantees she will beat you in a lyric competition involving any top 40 songs from the past 20 years.

Lauren StollEducational Content Producer

Lauren is a 6th grade teacher at Oakland’s East Bay Innovation Academy and a member of the Stanford SCALE curriculum team, which has a focus on learning through performance. Lauren loves to rock climb, backpack, and has the unique yet mundane talent of always being able to predict the correct Tupperware size for leftovers.

Maafi GueyeEducational Content Producer

Maafi has been a science educator for more than 30 years and her learners have made roller coasters, human-sized cardboard boats and maglev vehicles to answer just a few of the challenges she has placed before them. If you are looking for Maafi, you need only follow the sound of African drums. You will probably see her dancing and kicking up dust!

Tal McTheniaWriter

Tal is a journalist, screenwriter, and award-winning non-fiction author whose work has been heard/seen on PBS and public radio’s This American Life. He is perpetually fascinated by real-life outsiders and oddballs, changelings and split selves, and dusty unsolved mysteries. Tal loves turning scientific discovery into a caper, with plenty of laughs and musical outbursts along the way.

Wes GunnArtist/Illustrator

Wesley has illustrated, animated and designed for the big cats including DC Comics, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, MSNBC, and the list goes on. He’s a huge science fan with a special place in his heart for Neil deGrasse Tyson. Wesley loves to spend time in nature, watch movies, play video games and collect comics and toys. Ask him about superheroes at your own risk.

Darko TomicicAnimator

Darko’s animation talent spans all genres of film, commercials, computer games and music videos. The first project he swapped out his pencil and paper for a Wacom tablet was Tom Jones’s music video “Give a Little Love.” Since then, he’s worked on on a range of series including Kipper the Dog, Angelina Ballerina and Mr. Bean. He’s a big fan of fifties Rock n’ Roll & Doo Wop and can spell words backwards just as quickly as he can spell them forward, a talent that makes his 5-year-old daughter laugh….. hard.

Sam OsborneProducer

Sam’s a film producer who makes all different kinds of movies. He’s fought in a fake Vietnam War for Vice, met Santa for American Express, and sent a slice of cheese pizza into space just for the heck of it. He’s also produced some more serious films that he could jabber on team for ages. He’s happy to have found a sweet spot at Mosa Mack where brains and fun give each other high fives all day.