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Alex Blinder Sorry for the video quality on the second video, I just had to get his reaction in there after watching Climate Change! It was
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Jill Rivero I first used Mosa Mack in the classroom in 2015 with a group of 7th graders who were studying Photosynthesis. I had seen the Ph
    Sharon Bird
      Vicki Schacht
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      Maafi Cook
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      Dingo Brown We show cased our devices in a "science fair" method. Each picture was put up on a small white board and propped up around the
        Helen Dole
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          Joshua Ng Here are some pictures of the kids doing a gallery walk of The Make project forCells. They had to write down what other groups wr
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          When doing the light wave simulation with rope, I found it worked better with the rope on the floor rather than suspended.
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          I’ve attached a couple pictures of how we created a interactive notebook .IMG_9175IMG_9165Photos attached!